LaBet Pritchard

Founder of  Say Yes To You!

LaBet Pritchard is a seasoned personal fitness trainer and yoga therapist with over 30 years of teaching experience in Asheville at the Grove Park Inn.  Labet’s energetic training style is uniquely geared toward motivational, yet empathetic wellness programming. Her passion in life is to help others achieve their “personal best” and live the healthiest, fullest lives possible.  She has been called a change agent and a visionary by her clients and students. These days, instead of working out in the gym, LaBet walks pilgrimages throughout the world and her latest passion is training other pilgrims to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually take long walks which metamorphosize and alchemize!

Since 2015, LaBet has chosen to become a “home free” nomad.  She is relentless about sharing the “how to” of living a freer (less encumbered by stuff) lifestyle that authentically flourishes in spite of and overcoming all ACE, PTSD, ADHD, DR, PHD, etc. labels beside our names.  Survive or Thrive?  It’s a choice, our choice!  Choose today to thrive!  

I will show you HOW!  Join the WELL WOMEN THRIVE TRIBE today and allow me to be your guide.  The only requirements for membership are Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness!

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you!

-LaBet Pritchard

Her zest for adventure is contagious! 

“LaBet is like an advent calendar, full of surprises.  She is definitely a, Hell, Yes!” 


LaBet is a hell yes, I would follow you anywhere!




Say Yes to You for one-five day retreats all over the world in order to renew, rejuvenate, and relax into a lifestyle of thriving resiliency!   Learn to live in a state of abundance rather than lack!


Join a physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy sisterhood of women as we explore fascinating destinations together!  Lets go to the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the birthplace of the Delta Blues, and experience staying at the Shack Up Inn!  Let’s circle the wagons on a camping caravan of crones complete with bonfires, storytelling, and fishing!  How bout renting a mansion off the coast of Georgia to bask in the sun, kayaking and shelling and learning about the coastal Gullah lifestyle?  The possibilities are endless and with good friends never boring!

Personal Resiliency Training 

Make a courageous choice today to Say Yes to You once and for all! Resiliency means the ability to recover quickly or rebound with flexibility from life’s challenges. No more fad diets, extreme exercise or self-sabotage!
Sign up for a consultation to reveal your unique lifestyle needs and the tools to move you forward in making a plan for long-term success in weight management and fun exercise that works!  Utilizing my personal training experience, Ayurveda knowledge, and can-do attitude, resiliency is possible for you!  Bounce back from any setbacks life has handed you, transform old stories, and grab this lifeline!  Today is the first and most important day of the rest of your life.   

Hop on the R.A.F.T of Resiliency, Abundance, Flourishing, Thriving!

Well Women Thrive Tribe Guidance

I invite you to experience a unique system which weaves together principles of Yoga, 12 Steps, Ayurveda, Medicine Wheel, Laws of Attraction, Vision Quest, Pilgrimage and all of my life lessons to THRIVE.  I look forward to sharing daily practices/rites, exercises, meditations and affirmations in all areas of life which guide you to move from “Yes, but…” to “Hell Yes!”  Weekly follow-ups with support and guidance will serve to motivate you to implement change.  Meet your Tribe of Well Women who are ready to Thrive through our exclusive Facebook group, meet ups, and girlfriend getaways! 

Rites Of Pilgrimage Training

My work is designed for those who intend to embark on a journey with a deep purpose but are unsure of how to prepare for it or endure it.

Interested in learning more about our services? Feel free to call me directly or send me an email.

I would love to hear from you!


*Please note I am traveling, researching new tours for you, and cell service can be scarce. Please make sure to leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can!

-LaBet Pritchard

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Upcoming Retreats

Say Yes To Your Vision of 2019

Location: Spring Mountain Community Center

807 Old Fort Road Fairview, NC 28730

Saturday, March 16, 2019

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Call or email for pricing

Join yoga therapist and personal trainer, LaBet Pritchard, and Kathy Wallace, Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator, for a day of personal exploration.

  • Discover through labyrinth, shinrin yoku, and vision boards   what your future vision can look like!
  • Play in a liminal space of possibilities to uncover your deepest  driving desires
  • Learn to let go of things that no longer serve you
  • Enjoy Celtic harpist Kathy Wallace as you walk the labyrinth

Just be willing to set aside all judgements, fears, and limiting beliefs for the day and agree to let your inner child come out and play!

Serenity By The Sea

Tisno, Croatia

March 29th – April 8th, 2019

Call or email for pricing

We will fly into the capital, Zagreb, and take a bus ride through the Croatian countryside to the Aegean coast and our hosts, Joe and Laura Lilly, of Lilly’s Cozy Cove in the village of Tisno. After a day to relax and rejuvenate, the retreat begins and will include daily yoga, morning and evening meditation, two prepared meals, step study, sightseeing tours of Krka National Park, opportunities for service work, and free time to relax and play in the beautiful coastal village of Tisno, Croatia on foot and/or bicycle.

Maiden, Mother, Crone

A Mother’s Day Retreat for Intergenerational Bonding

Herb Mountain Farm 

12 Locust Cove Rd, Weaverville, NC 28787

Mothers Day Weekend May 10th-12th, 2019

Call or email for pricing

This retreat includes:

  • Five meals for the entire weekend
  • Labyrinth work with a live Harp music
  • Fire ceremony
  • Two nights lodging
  • Yoga
  • Forest bathing guided meditation
  • Rite of Passage ceremonies for stages of feminine developmental life changes

Herb Mountain Farm is a 138 acre botanical sanctuary and learning community in the Appalachian mountains. 

Upcoming Tours

Juke Joint Festival and Tour of Mississippi Delta

Clarksdale Mississppi

April 11-14, 2019 (Thursday-Sunday)

Call or email for pricing

This trip includes:

  • Transportation from Asheville, NC to Clarksdale, which includes BBQ dinner and brunch on Thursday in Columbus,MS enroute to Clarksdale.
  • Includes lodging
  • Wristband to all Saturday Juke Joint Festival Venues
  • Entrance to the Delta Blues Museum and Grammy Museum
  • Lunch at Ground Zero Restaurant (Up to $15 per person)
  • Visit to Mccarty Pottery, the Souths MOST famous pottery

Cultural immersion in the most Southern place on Earth!

Sapelo Island

Serenity By the Sea Getaway

September 19-22, 2019 

Call or email for pricing

Join Say Yes To you With Labet for a road trip to Sapelo Island, Georgia and the RJ Reynolds Mansion as we step back in time for four days of relaxation and freedom to enjoy ‘the winding roads under the giant oaks, in the pounding surf upon sands that have left the imprint of romance and history of the Tidewater Country, the enchanting spell of times long past.’

This trip includes:

  • Three nights lodging
  • Gullah immersion tour of hog Hammock community
  • Unlimited hikes, strolls, meandering, sauntering, and dance party
  • Lighthouse tour
  • Nine meals
  • ferry fees
  • bicycle/golf cart rental
  • Daily yoga and meditation

Sapelo is only available for overnight stays for groups. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime trip!

Learn more about Reynolds Mansion on Sapelo here.

Upcoming Pilgrimages

Welsh Celtic Camino

Location: Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

May 14-30, 2019

Call or email for pricing

Discover this magnificent coastline of the extreme western point of Wales on this 186 mile walk, beginning in the seaside village of Amroth, through St. Davids, the smallest city in Great Britain, to St. Dogmaels  complete with endless sandy beaches, rugged cliffs filled with wild flowers, lonely hills, and sleepy waterways.

What is a Pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is travel for a soulful, sacred purpose in which one practices the arts of attention and listening, of reading sacred texts, of meandering toward the center of every place, of renewing oneself daily, and of practicing gratitude and praise singing.  My work is designed for those who intend to embark on a journey with a deep purpose but are unsure of how to prepare for it or endure it.  I teach the skill of personally creating your own journey everywhere you go and the daily practice of slowing down, lingering, savoring and absorbing each stage of the journey.  Buddha called it mindfulness and Ray Charles called it soulfulness!

LaBet’s Pilgrimage Story

I embarked on my first pilgrimage in 2005 when I left my family in Barcelona, Spain and bought a solo ticket to Pamplona to walk the first four days of the Camino de Santiago in order to sort through the confusion of menopause. Ten years later, in 2015 after a divorce and getting sober in 2009, I let go of my home and set out on the Via Francigena pilgrimage in Italy for five weeks with six fellow pilgrims.

We walked 354 miles and my life was forever changed once again!  I returned to my teardrop camper and set out on a six week adventure to the west coast and Canada with my labrador retriever, Lila.  Since then, I have been home free and never once lacked a place to lay my head at night.  The generosity of friends and family and the grace of God has always provided.

I have since walked the Camino Primitivo in Spain and the St. Francis of Assisi pilgrimage in Italy to find that what they say is true, “first you walk the Camino and then the Camino walks you!”

LaBet’s Pilgrimage Philosophy

Labet’s mantra around pilgrimage is “solvitur ambulando” which translates from Latin as “it is solved by walking” from Saint Augustine.   Walking is a spiritual act and part of a process of purification.  Walking on one’s own induces meditation or as the Chinese characters translate, “paying one’s respect to a mountain”.   The french expression “saunter” translates as “going to the Holy Land” from “a la Sainte Terre” or as later shortened to Sainte-Terrer, A Holy-Lander, and not to be confused with mere idlers and vagabonds.  “For every walk is a sort of
crusade, preached by some Peter the Hermit in us, to go forth and reconquer this Holy Land from the hands of the Infidels.”  (Thoreau, Excursions, 1863)
LaBet’s pilgrimages are Tour/Retreat/Vision Quest transformative experiences.  
In 2019 Labet invites those who are ready to say YES and learn how to 
souljourn/alchemize/metamorphosize to consider joining me for an evening of experiential explanation of what a Pilgrimage truly is to decide if you are
in the pre-contemplative/contemplative/ or action stage of change.  
Join us
February 26th
Where: North Asheville Branch Library, Merrimon Avenue,
Time: 6-7:30pm
In the midst of winter and letting the old die away, to  
begin envisioning and making room for the new beginning of spring which is only a month away.  Can a pilgrimage help you to “solve” all your problems and 
guide you to “your personal Holy Land?”

“As you start on the Way, the Way appears.”  -Rumi

We would love to hear from you!

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