Say Yes to You for one-five day retreats all over the world in order to renew, rejuvenate, and relax into a lifestyle of thriving resiliency!   Learn to live in a state of abundance rather than lack!


Join a physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy sisterhood of women as we explore fascinating destinations together!  Lets go to the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the birthplace of the Delta Blues, and experience staying at the Shack Up Inn!  Let’s circle the wagons on a camping caravan of crones complete with bonfires, storytelling, and fishing!  How bout renting a mansion off the coast of Georgia to bask in the sun, kayaking and shelling and learning about the coastal Gullah lifestyle?  The possibilities are endless and with good friends never boring!

Personal Resiliency Training 

Make a courageous choice today to Say Yes to You once and for all! Resiliency means the ability to recover quickly or rebound with flexibility from life’s challenges. No more fad diets, extreme exercise or self-sabotage!
Sign up for a consultation to reveal your unique lifestyle needs and the tools to move you forward in making a plan for long-term success in weight management and fun exercise that works!  Utilizing my personal training experience, Ayurveda knowledge, and can-do attitude, resiliency is possible for you!  Bounce back from any setbacks life has handed you, transform old stories, and grab this lifeline!  Today is the first and most important day of the rest of your life.   

Hop on the R.A.F.T of Resiliency, Abundance, Flourishing, Thriving!

Well Women Thrive Tribe Guidance

I invite you to experience a unique system which weaves together principles of Yoga, 12 Steps, Ayurveda, Medicine Wheel, Laws of Attraction, Vision Quest, Pilgrimage and all of my life lessons to THRIVE.  I look forward to sharing daily practices/rites, exercises, meditations and affirmations in all areas of life which guide you to move from “Yes, but…” to “Hell Yes!”  Weekly follow-ups with support and guidance will serve to motivate you to implement change.  Meet your Tribe of Well Women who are ready to Thrive through our exclusive Facebook group, meet ups, and girlfriend getaways! 

Rites Of Pilgrimage Training

My work is designed for those who intend to embark on a journey with a deep purpose but are unsure of how to prepare for it or endure it.

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